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Message From YMCA


Director, Fukuyama YMCA International Business College Yuzuru Yasumori

Founded on the Christian spirit, the Young Men's Christian Association is a trusted international educational organization with a history of more than 100 years.
With Japanese language schools throughout the country, the YMCA has the largest Japanese language school system in Japan and offers quality educational programs.
The Japanese school at the Fukuyama YMCA International Business College is located in the heart of Fukuyama, a city rich in history, culture and nature. The YMCA is in an excellent location near Fukuyama Castle and the art and history museums. More than 2,000 people, from young children to adults, participate in a wide variety of programs in which they learn about health, culture, languages and computing. The YMCA is the largest center for lifelong learning in Fukuyama, and as a community college it has earned the trust of the local community. In the Japanese language course, we provide education with the aim of fostering people who will play active roles internationally.
My hope is that you will study Japanese in the relaxed environment at our school and go on to become a bridge become your country and ours. I look forward to seeing you.

Director, Fukuyama YMCA International Business College
Yuzuru Yasumori



The symbol of the YMCA is a triangle that represents the interrelationship of “Spirit, Mind and Body.” Inside the triangle is an open Bible on which is written “JOHN 17:21” for the scripture from the New Testament, which says, “That they all may be one.” The circle surrounding the triangle depicts the oneness of mankind. The Greek letters chi (X) and rho (P) represent the first two letters of the word “Christ.” This logo is known throughout the world