Each Person is Precious - With a Life to Shine Hiroshima YMCA conducts all activities in accordance to its mission; cares for each individual and the dreams they cherish; serves individuals, families and communities; plays an active role in working to build world peace.

Hiroshima YMCA, founded in 1938,
marks its 80th anniversary in 2018.
Hiroshima YMCA, founded on the spirit of “Love and Service manifested in Jesus Christ”, presently operates in 10 locations throughout the Chugoku region of Japan. Responding to the needs of an aging society, the information age, and the global community, YMCA offers a host of programs and services in the areas of education, wellness, welfare, international, facility use, etc. to nurture the holistic growth of individuals throughout the course of their lives. YMCA aims to strengthen communities while also working internationally to foster peace, understanding and cooperation.